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Sometime in the sixth century AD Christian missionaries from Iona came into this wild country of Rannoch with its barbarous tribes of ancient Picts (so called after their Roman nickname picti, the painted ones). St Blane is thought to have been the first missionary to visit Rannoch, establishing a chapel in the old Druid’s Grove of Lassintulloch (OS NN695576).  

In the 1500s the Reformation split the Church, and was the cause of division between state and monarch, and set the seed for the Jacobite clan risings. These would lead to the end of the clan system with the defeat of the Jacobites at Culloden in 1746. The result was that the newer missionaries came to Rannoch as much to give secular teaching as to preach the Christian faith, finally bringing peaceful settlement to the area. 

The parish church for Rannoch at that time was in Fortingall, and the Reverend Duncan McAra would occasionally visit Rannoch to preach. But in the main people were expected to travel there. The Society in Scotland for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge (SSPCK) was also sending missionaries. One of these was Dugald Buchanan, to whom the obelisk in Kinloch Rannoch village square is dedicated, with an information board nearby.




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