Black Wood of Rannoch

Whether a walker, conservationist, scientist, photographer, writer, artist, novelist or just curious, the Black Wood is inspirational for all. 

On the south shore of Loch Rannoch between the Dall and the Camghouran grow some magnificent Scots Pine trees - The Black Wood -one of Rannoch’s  “jewels”.   There are few surviving remnants of the 'Great Forest of Caledon’, which used to cover much of Scotland, as beautiful as this. Woodland has been growing on this site virtually undisturbed since the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago making it a magical place.

It is a Special Area of Conservation, protecting the many special plants and animals that live among the pine trees. The magnificent Caledonian Scots pine trees grow for about 250-300 years and are, in the Black Wood, often known as “granny pines”.   They can tell a story or two. To find out more read the article written by artists Tim Collins and Reiko Gotto Seeing the Black Wood in time. 

Why not park at the west end of the wood on the loch shore and walk some of the trails, find Gunnar’s Tree and learn about the canals used by woodsmen to transport timber to the loch.

Watch out for three red animals – deer, squirrel and pine marten and look out for the wood ant hills. The bird life is interesting and includes tits, siskins, woodpeckers and wrens; you might also be lucky enough to see Scottish Crossbills. 

Start/finish NN 560565

Parking Small pull-in 2 miles west of Dall Estate

Level of difficulty Medium

Landscape Ancient pine forest, birch, rowan and understory of heather, blueberry and juniper.

Paths No trail marking but clear forest roads, rough woodland paths, no stiles.

Public toilets Carie (forest car park), 4 miles 

There are guided walks in the forest and elsewhere in the area led by volunteers who know the area well – to find out more click HERE

Link to a travel blog about Big Tree Country and includes The Black Wood of Rannoch 

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